At the top of this year, Spotify removed suspicious content due to “artificial streaming” through their platform. These takedowns affected music distributors everywhere including UnitedMasters.

Content takedowns of this nature are out of UnitedMasters’ hands, but to assist our artists - let us explain how artificial streaming occurs to avoid this from happening to you.


  1. An artist uses a marketing service that offers “guaranteed streams” on a release for a nominal fee. As a growing artist, this is an attractive opportunity for exposure.

  2. The artist sends payment to the service.

  3. The service then implements stream farms and bots (fake listeners) to boost streams.


  5. The artist buys into the service further…

This type of scenario is being thrown at eager artists looking for that next big breakthrough unknowingly aware of the services negative effects.

Spotify reaches out to distributors monthly with a list of releases they have identified and removed using these suspicious services. It is important to know as a growing artist how these marketing tactics are performed and to shed light on the impact these services can have. If you find a release of yours missing from Spotify and live on other platforms - this may apply to your release. Please reference the Spotify Help Articles below for further context:

How does Spotify protect against artificial streaming?

Are paid third-party services that guarantee streams legitimate?

What are the consequences for participating in these illegitimate services?

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