What's an Artist Team?

Artist teams allow more than one person to manage an artist on UnitedMasters. This is helpful for giving managers, band members, agents, etc. access to an artist account.

How do I add members to my team?

To add someone to your artist team, head over to the Team tab in Settings and tap to invite a new member. Simply enter their email and hit send. An invite link will be sent to that email, which they can follow to join your team.

What if the person I invite doesn't have a UnitedMasters account?

If the email you've invited isn't already attached to a UnitedMasters account, they will be prompted to finish creating an account with their Name and Password.

What permissions do my team members have? Can I Change this?

Currently team members are able to fully administer the artist profile, including creating new releases, managing payments, and other core artist settings. 

However only the person that created the artist has permission to invite members and manage the team. 

How can I remove access for a team member? 

To remove a member of your team, head over to the Team tab in Settings and tap Remove on the member you'd like to remove access for. Once confirmed, that user will no longer have access to the artist team.

How do I switch between artists I have access to?

If you are a team member for multiple artists, you can toggle between them in the side bar of the app. Simply tap on another artist to change views.

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