UnitedMasters allows you to connect both your Facebook and Instagram on the Social page of UnitedMasters. This is a two-step process: Connect a Facebook artist page first, then connect an Instagram business profile. 

Please note that it is not possible to only connect personal Facebook or Instagram profiles. Additionally, you must first a connect a Facebook artist page to UnitedMasters before connecting your Instagram business profile.


If you've connected your Facebook artist page and have an Instagram business profile but are still unable to connect Instagram, this guide should help you get back on track. 

Step 1 : Remove Existing UnitedMasters Connections

To get a good baseline for troubleshooting, let's remove any Facebook or Instagram connections you have on UnitedMasters. To do this, hover over the account on the Social page of UnitedMasters and click "remove".

Step 2: Ensure Facebook artist page visibility

Next, go into your Facebook artist page settings and ensure that:

  1. Page Visibility is set to "Page published"
  2. Country and Age restrictions are set to "Page is visible/shown to everyone"

Your settings should look like this: 

Step 3: Facebook Page Roles

While in your artist page settings, head over to the Page roles tab and ensure that your personal Facebook account has the "Admin" role enabled for the artist page. 

If you don't have full admin access to the Facebook page, you'll need to get this first before moving forward. 

Step 4: Claim a possible unmanaged Facebook page

Sometimes when you create or convert your Instagram to a business profile, a Facebook page may have been generated for you, even if you didn't create it. 

To claim an unmanaged Facebook Page:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile
  2. Tap ••• (iPhone) or  (Android) in the top right.
  3. Scroll down to Business Information, then tap Claim Your Facebook Page.
  4. Log into your Facebook account to finish claiming your Page.

If you find that you do have an unmanaged Facebook page and don't intend to use it i.e. you already have a Facebook artist page, follow the steps above to claim the duplicate page, and then simply delete it in the page settings.

Step 5: Connecting/Reconnecting Instagram to Facebook page

Next, head over to your Facebook artist page settings and click on the Instagram tab. If your business profile has not been connected here, follow the steps to log in and connect it.

If it has been connected, scroll to the bottom to disconnect and then reconnect it to restart things.

Step 6 : Reconnect a Facebook Page to UnitedMasters

Next, let's reconnect your Facebook artist page to UnitedMasters. To ensure the right Facebook account gets connected, log out of Facebook in your browser first. 

Then, click "Connect Facebook" on the Social page of UnitedMasters. This will prompt you to log in to Facebook, and select a Facebook artist page to connect. Remember,
you must have the "Admin" role on the Facebook page you want to select.

Step 7: Enable Facebook Permissions for UnitedMasters 

Sometimes we are unable to authorize an Instagram account because the permissions you gives us at the Facebook account level have been edited. After reconnecting your Facebook artist page to UnitedMasters, go to your personal Facebook account settings and click on the "Business Integrations" tab. Make sure that UnitedMasters is an active business integrations with all permissions enabled:

Step 8: Connect your Instagram to UnitedMasters

Now that we've gone through each scenario to get you ready to connect Instagram, head over to the Social page of UnitedMasters and click "Connect Instagram". If all of the above is true, the Instagram business profile that is linked with your Facebook artist page will connect automatically. 

If you don't see the connection immediately, you'll want to refresh your browser window. Please note that once connected, it may take up to a week to start seeing your Instagram data in UnitedMasters. 

Still having trouble?

If you've followed the above steps and are still unable to link your Instagram business profile, feel free reach out to us at support@unitedmasters.com and we'll help you get up and running.

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