When you distribute music through UnitedMasters, you get access to MasterLinks. MasterLinks are automatically generated every time you distribute new music, and help you cut down on the time spent pasting your tracks into Linkfire or SmartURL. MasterLinks enable you to get your music to as many ears as possible by directing your fans to their preferred music service, on their preferred device, in their preferred app. 

To grab a MasterLink for your release, head over to the Music page of your UnitedMasters account and click on your desired release. There, you can copy your MasterLink to start sharing with fans. 

Tracking Performance

To see how fans are engaging with your MasterLink, click into a release and scroll down to MasterLinks. This sections tell you how many clicks you're getting, which platforms they're coming from, and which streaming services fans are clicking through to. 

For more information on using MasterLinks, check out our FAQ here.

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