What is a MasterLink?
MasterLinks are automatically generated every time you distribute new music, and help you cut down on the time spent pasting your tracks into Linkfire or SmartURL. A MasterLink effectively is a Spotify and Apple Music pre-save before your release date, and then it switches over to a streaming landing page on your release date. 

Why should I use a MasterLink?
Every time you promote a release by sending out an Apple Music link, there are fans on Spotify, Tidal, or Amazon losing out. MasterLinks enable you to get your music to as many ears as possible by directing your fans to their preferred music service, on their preferred device, in their preferred app. 

How do I get a MasterLink for my release?
Navigate to the promoter section - where you'll see MasterLinks for all of your releases through UnitedMasters. Separately, we will also send a card in your feed once the MasterLink has been created.

What platforms are included in my MasterLink? Can I add or remove platforms?
The platforms we currently support are: Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, TIDAL, and Amazon. 

Can I create a MasterLink if I don’t distribute through UnitedMasters?
MasterLinks are only available to UnitedMasters distributed artists.

Where should I place my MasterLink?
We recommend placing your MasterLink anywhere that you’re having a conversation with your fans. We suggest including your MasterLink in your Instagram bio, in Facebook posts, in your Twitter bio or in your tweets directly. You can also easily include these links in Snapchat via your Clipboard, or include them in videos on YouTube or in emails to your fans.

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