What is the difference between store, platform, DSP? Is this something I need to understand?

Distributors have historically used these terms interchangeably. For example one distributor may refer to Spotify as a platform, whereas another may refer to it as a store. Admittedly it is unnecessarily confusing. Rest assured, we are all referring to the same thing and we will refer to them as “stores” within our FAQ. 

What stores do we distribute to? 

If you are a SELECT member, we distribute your music to the following stores:

Apple Music / iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Content ID, YouTube Red, Google Play, 24/7 Entertainment, 7Digital, Akazoo, Amazon, Anghami, Audible Magic, AWA, Deezer, Facebook/Instagram, Gracenote, iHeartRadio, iMusica, KKBox, LINE Music, Mixcloud, Nmusic Triple Play, Qobuz, Napster, Saavn, Shazam, Simfy Africa, SiriusXM, Slacker, SoundCloud, SoundExchange, Tencent, Tesla, TIDAL, TikTok, Ultimate China, and Yandex.

If you are not a SELECT member, we will only distribute your music to these stores:

Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

When will my content be live on streaming platforms?

We recommend providing your content with at least 3 weeks lead time to ensure your release will go live on all stores on the release date you select. 

However, if you are uploading your content to be live as soon as possible, the following delivery timelines will likely apply. Please note we cannot guarantee publishing within these time frames.

  • Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube: 1-2 days 
  • Google Play, Napster, TIDAL, Amazon: 3-5 days 
  • Pandora: 3-5+ days

Apple reserves the right randomly select a small percentage of releases to go through an internal review process at Apple which can take up to 16 business days.

How can I update my bio or images on Apple Music?

In order to update your image, you'll need to claim your artist page on Apple first. You can request access here: https://artists.apple.com/

In order to update your Apple Music bio, you’ll want to add it to AllMusic, as this is where Apple will pull your bio information from. 

Can I update my bio or images on Spotify?

Spotify for Artists provides you direct access to update your profile imagery and bio. Read more about it at this link

Does UnitedMasters deliver my music to YouTube?

We deliver your music for commercial use, which creates Art Tracks of your music. An art track is a video created by YouTube on our behalf, of a static image of your cover art, with the audio of your track playing in the background. To learn more about Art Tracks on YouTube, check out this great resource.

UnitedMasters also delivers qualified music to YouTube for Content ID. Delivering your music for Content ID helps protect your intellectual property, and also helps generate you revenue! To learn more about how content ID works, check out this awesome article. 

Are there additional steps to make my content available on Pandora?

In order to make your content available for On-Demand streaming on Pandora, you need to set up an account with Music Reports, and register your content there. Music Reports will issue mechanical licenses which need to be cleared. You can register at Music Reports

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